if you work at a sex shop is it still nsfw


Why not get rid of your scale?

Because I know if I did that I would likely eat less due to not being able to monitor my weight.


I feel kinda silly for putting so much work into something that probably kinda missed the theme urggghh.

Patterns has 3 colours + the base colour which is kinda a dark blue. (Also added a transparent version)

Since tumblr fucked up the picture:  The original file is a 5000x5000 png with around 700dpi. That means I can provide a not-fucked up version?

Included a bit smaller version as a preview!

Even if it doesn’t get chosen, it’d probably look cute on a pillow case, I think. (Merch-idea, nudge nudge. )

Oh gosh I want this on pj pants soooo bad.



My hands hurt ; u ;

I weigh myself at least 10+ times a day, and it’s really hard not to do it.

I need to get this under control.

For a contest. c:

For a contest. c:

This babe was fun to draw. c: